Top 10 Questions to ask a Commercial Cleaning Service in Orlando, Florida

Top 10 Questions to ask a Commercial Cleaning Service in Orlando, Florida

How To Hire a Commercial Cleaner: Top 10 Questions You Should Ask

Find out what qualities you would want when choosing an Orlando Commercial cleaning service. The TOP 10 questions you should ask

The first thing you should do when searching for a commercial cleaning service in Orlando is, find out the services it offers. That’s the most important thing you should ask any service for. You must know what you’re in for before you hire it, otherwise you’ll be completely taken by surprise. For instance, is it a company that cleans rooms or a company that cleans floors? What is the company’s background? This is a very important question for a service to answer you. You want to know if they are experienced and/or licensed. Do they have a business history? Do they take responsibility for the final cleaning of the property? Are they licensed and bonded? Do they have insurance? What payment method do they accept? Is this an on-going commercial cleaning service or is it for single cleaning jobs?

Ask about the company’s philosophy. What is their approach to cleaning?

Try to interview at least two other companies before hiring one. Some companies may focus on the point of peak performance. Others may try to look after all their clients, thus offering a wider service. Ask about the company’s staff numbers and experience. Ask the company if the cleaning and maintenance staff are insured. This will ensure that any injuries caused will be covered. Is their workers’ compensation insurance fully covered? Ask how many crew members they have on hand. It’s wise to know in advance how many people are available to start or finish your job in the given time frame.

Whether you are looking to hire a professional to take care of your Orlando commercial cleaning needs, or you are not sure what to look for in the best company for your cleaning, we will help you to see the top 10 questions that you should ask to find out who is best for your needs and of course what you want in the best commercial cleaning service: 1. How Much Does This Service Cost? Simply put, each building or office space vary in sizes and scope’s of work. Commercial Cleaning Services in Orlando tend to vary in pricing, most companies determine pricing based on a few factors to include Square footage, Scope of work, Frequency, and so on. If you want your commercial cleaning service in Orlando, Florida to be the best on the market, then you will need to look for a company that offers great pricing as well as great service.

Ask about the company’s process for each type of job. How do they typically start and end a job? What are their methods and procedures?

Do they ever give an estimate on your initial contact? Are you their first or next call? Are you going to be charged the same rate whether you book a 2-hour job or a 3-hour job? Does the company work on personal or commercial properties? When was the last time they performed a new or existing commercial cleaning service? Do they have a web site or any sort of digital presence? Does the company clean the same job in the same type of environment? What is the ideal environment? Do they consider each commercial environment as different? For example, a office versus a industrial building. Should I receive a cleaning estimate in writing? Does the cleaning company offer disinfection services? Should I have a contact person who handles any discrepancies?

Does the company provide background checks? We’ve heard of people who ask a lot of questions. Asking questions is a great way to determine the proper cleaning service that will best fit the needs of your company. We put together the top 10 questions you should ask before choosing an Orlando Commercial cleaning service. They are very important, as you will be hiring a company to do work on your property. Having a good team can really increase the efficiency of a cleaning service company. Plus, there’s nothing worse than spending money and having a sub par cleaning service come in.

Do they offer other services that can offer the peace of mind your looking for?

Some of the services that commercial cleaning companies in Orlando, Florida can offer your business include floor care, carpet care, pressure washing, disinfecting services are a few to name. Paper goods, do you need to take the pressure off of yourself needing to restock popular items that your office uses on a daily basis? Commercial Cleaning Service Companies often partner with distributors that can supply all of your janitorial needs including paper goods, soaps, dispensers at a fraction of your normal costs. Exclusive Cleaning Services in Orlando, has partnered with a few local as well as national distributors to offer this service at a price that is very competitive.

Inquire about their experience in your particular industry. Does the company have experience with your type of business model, size, topography?
Talk to them about their equipment and types of equipment. Ask if they have any equipment that they think may not work well in your type of environment. Ask them about their equipment and what that entails. Does it use commercial cleaning agents? What type of cleaning programs do they offer. Can they adapt to different situations? If the equipment does not meet your requirements, be sure to check with a reputable company before you sign a contract with them. See if they are insured. Ask about their response time to emergency and breakdowns. Consider the company’s insurance.

Find out about the company’s employee training program. What types of training programs does it offer to its employees? 

In-house or onsite training? What types of cleaning projects are they planning to undertake and for how long? What kind of equipment is in their current inventory? Some experts believe that, having gone through the painful ordeal of doing a big cleaning job in your office building, you deserve the best commercial cleaning services Orlando Florida has to offer. These experts believe that no one can do your cleaning job as well as you can, whether it is a small or a major commercial cleaning job. However, in order to hire the right Orlando commercial cleaning company, it is essential to do a little research. We should ask ourselves several questions when we are thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning company for our business.

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