Re-opening your business post pandemic

With the nation getting back to a somewhat normal stage and businesses getting ready to re-open. Is your building, or business ready to GO?
  • Fact: According to the NIH (National Institute of Health) A building or office that has been unmanned for a period of 7 days or more, the virus is considered to be deactivated or killed. 
  • Fact: Washing of hands throughout the day should start occuring at LEAST once an hour, particulary in the workplace. The average person can touch their face, eyes at least 21 times in an hour. Hand Sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content to help combat germs as well, not as effective as hand washing for at least 20 seconds but it sure does help.
  • Fact: Daily sanitizing and disinfecting of high touch points throughout the facility is another way to keep risk at a minimum. EPA Registered disinfectants should only be used when trying to keep Covid-19 out of the workplace. Best practices for a safe and healthy work enivironment should also be implemented while operating normal business.  
Knowing the difference: The differences between Sanitizing, Disinfecting and how it can help determine your situation.
Sanitizing: This method is used to reduce pathogens to a safe level or a 99% reduction.
Disinfecting: Disinfectant's vary for different viruses, always make sure to read the labels for proper use. Only apply EPA registered disinfectants after cleaning and removing soils from surfaces. Proper dwell time that is recommended by manufacture is a must. 
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