The days of going back to work in a normal atomsphere have changed dramatically with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is afraid to be in contact and having face-to-face meetings, however there a few steps you can take to keep yourself and your staff safe at all times while in the workplace.
  • Fact: Did you know that when someone sneezes, particles can travel upto 160 feet? Sounds scary right, they are some preventive measures we can all take to cut down the risks of transmitting germs to one another. When you feel a sneeze come on, you should be sneezing into your arm, this action helps prevent germs from becoming airborne. 
  • Fact: Washing of hands throughout the day should start occuring at LEAST once an hour, particulary in the workplace. The average person can touch their face, eyes at least 21 times in an hour. Hand Sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content to help combat germs as well, not as effective as hand washing for at least 20 seconds but it sure does help.
  • Fact: Keeping a safe distance while in the workplace helps prevent the spread of the virus. Standing or working at least 6 feet apart or between cubicles is not only a good practice, but it also helps keep the workplace safe.
  • Fact: Daily sanitizing and disinfecting of high touch points throughout the facility is another way to keep risk at a minimum. EPA Registered disinfectants should only be used when trying to keep Covid-19 out of the workplace. Best practices for a safe and healthy work enivironment should also be implemented while operating normal business.  
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