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Since the inception of Exclusive Cleaning Services, we have been dedicated to learning, training, and developing our teams to perform at the highest levels.

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Our Exclusive Cleaning Services

cleaningCommercial Cleaning

Choosing us is like hiring the most fastidious cleaner you know. Talk to the professionals at our commercial cleaning services company to learn more!

cleaningMedical Facilities

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and other health care settings have strict requirements for cleaning and disinfecting.

cleaningSchool Buildings

Our constant innovation is what makes us the leading School Cleaning service in Orlando. We don’t just clean; we sanitize. Our tools and technology aren’t just good.

cleaningManufacturing Facilities

Dedicated training specifically designed to address Touch Point Cleaning. Touch Point Cleaning is critically important to avoid disease, fecal matter, and bacteria spread.

cleaningGovernment Buildings

We go beyond making floors so clean you can eat off of them. We clean your entire facility, including the bathrooms. You can test our cleaning ability with an ATP Hygiene Monitor.

cleaningChurch Buildings

Choose us for your Church Cleaning Services in Florida, Orlando. We are flexible and customize our services to you. Give us a call at 407-730-9785

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For Us To Get A Proposal?

Turnaround times are fast here at Exclusive! We usually prepare a detailed customized scope of work or service checklist and proposal within 24 hours. If we perform the walkthrough in the morning there is a higher chance of same-day proposal turnaround time.

What Happens After We Schedule A Walkthrough For Janitorial Services?

Our experienced team will tour your facility and gather information to provide you with an accurate monthly estimate. The key items we gather are: Square feet: Give us a ballpark range of cleaning times and price based on facility type. A number of employees: Allows us to know the density to make sure we provide you with the right amount of cleaners. Total foot traffic: Gives us additional insight into the use of the facility and helps us calculate consumables usage like toilet paper, soap, and hand towel usage to help you plan and budget accordingly. Floor Type: What percent is carpet vs hard floor and type of hard floor. We take pictures and gather additional details and take notes on any special items and of course the pet peeve areas.

 What Happens After We Accept The Proposal?

Welcome to Exclusive Cleaning Services! Our service and operations team jump in with all hands on deck. We are very systematic and start entering all your information in our system and management application so all details get communicated to our front-line team members who will be cleaning your facility on a daily basis. We set up geo fences for clock in, monitoring, and time management. Once we start, we have a 10 day on site training program per employee in the first month. We have a whole checklist of training items we cover within the first month. There is a lot more that happens on the back end, but it gets complicated that is why you hired us. We take over from here and you simply get the Exclusive experience. Sit back, relax, and let us do the dirty work!

We Have Insurance Requirements. Do You Carry Insurance?

Absolutely, we work with large office and commercial spaces. We carry general liability, workers comp, and umbrella coverage. We are risk averse so we are over insured for your protection.

A+ service

Client testimonials

Colleen Shields

Public Safety Rx

Alex and his staff are fantastic. I have worked with several cleaning services and none come close to their quality and customer service. Getting set up with them was extremely easy. They helped us post remodel and I have never looked back.

Alex and Willie did a great job cleaning our VCT Tile flooring, carpets, area rugs, and tile and grout. They take pride in their work and the cost was competitive. They were professional and flexible.

Wonderful Service from Exclusive Cleaning Service. The Owner Alex is always very professional and gives options on how to make the floors shine! Prompt service and leaves everything in order. Highly recommend.

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