Manufacturing Cleaning services

manufacturing cleaning services
Manufacturing Cleaning Services

Our Orlando manufacturing cleaning services employees are specially trained to reduce contamination in office buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities. We also have dedicated training specifically designed to address what the ISSA calls “Touch Point Cleaning.” Touch Point Cleaning is critically important because disease, fecal matter, and bacteria are spread via touch points like door handles, light switches, handrails, elevator buttons, and paper towel dispensers.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is the act of cleaning hazardous areas in industrial facilities such as factories or warehouses. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, emphasizes the cleanliness of commercial spaces such as office buildings. In a broader sense, that is to say, there are differences between both. Both come with their own set of challenges. Nonetheless, the importance lies in the processes being carried out correctly.

What is usually included in a cleaning service?

A commercial cleaning service will typically include all of the following: routine and general cleaning, such as sweeping, mopping, and dusting; cleaning of tiles, floors, internal walls, partition walls, furniture, lighting, suspended ceilings, and window cleaning; dining and kitchen areas, washing facilities, and more. In addition, a good cleaning service will also offer additional services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and pressure washing. By choosing a reputable and experienced commercial cleaning service, you can be sure that your business premises will be kept clean and tidy at all times.

What do commercial cleaning services offer?

A commercial cleaner is a general term for a person or company that provides cleaning services for businesses such as offices, shops, factories, bars, and restaurants. Cleaning services offered will vary but most commercial cleaners will have the equipment and staff available to carry out everything from dusting desks and emptying bins to industrial carpet cleaning and window cleaning. In most cases, commercial cleaners will provide all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. This means that you won’t have to worry about stocking up on expensive cleaning products or renting specialized equipment. Instead, you can simply focus on running your business. Commercial cleaners can also be hired on a one-time basis for deep-cleaning projects or on an ongoing basis for regular maintenance. Whether you need help getting your office ready for a big presentation or you want to keep your factory clean and safe, there’s a commercial cleaner out there who can help.

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What Makes a Manufacturing Facility Clean?


Consider a factory covered in grease and oil stains, with discarded tools and waste littering the floor. The windows and walls get covered in soot, dust, and dirt, and the HVAC system is blocked and wheezing.

The effective operation of a manufacturing plant necessitates keeping it clean. However, industrial cleaning can be a daunting task and finding a reliable industrial cleaning firm can be challenging.

There are various reasons why Manufacturing Cleaning Services are required.

Public Health and Hygiene

The health of employees depends on a clean, sanitary manufacturing facility. Workers’ health may get harmed if a production site is unclean. If even one employee arrives at work with an infectious illness, facility surfaces can soon become breeding grounds for bacteria that cause colds, flu, norovirus, and other ailments.

Product Excellence

Product quality gets also influenced by the Manufacturing Cleaning Services. Products may get contaminated if equipment or surfaces become polluted with dirt, dust, or grease. A little dirt or smearing could detract from your product’s charm and make customers less likely to purchase, reducing your earnings. Contaminated production environments could result in product faults if your plant makes sensitive products like electronic equipment. Product contamination might also pose a public health risk, depending on your sector.


Employee safety depends on a clean production plant. Spilled oil, grease, or other fluids on facility floors can cause slips and falls, resulting in catastrophic injuries to employees. Employees can easily trip and harm themselves in a production plant cluttered with boxes, errant equipment parts, discarded cleaning instruments, ladders, or other miscellaneous items. Manufacturing firms should maintain clean workplaces where people may work confidently and feel comfortable to help minimize these numbers.

Minimized Allergens

In addition, a clean manufacturing environment helps to reduce allergy risk. Employees may cough and sneeze as soon as the workday begins in a facility where dust has accumulated on vents and surfaces. Mold in the workplace can cause symptoms, including congestion and sneezing in the respiratory system and red, itchy skin and eyes. Invest in regular, thorough cleaning to keep allergens out of your production plant so your staff can breathe freely and perform at their best.

Maintenance Is Less Often

A dirty warehouse needs more regular maintenance and repairs, resulting in high operating costs. Dust can clog machinery, requiring costly repairs, while spills or leaks can cause corrosion and rust. Fixing these industrial cleanliness concerns is expensive, takes up vital time at your plant, and may cause production to stall or even stop until your maintenance issues get resolved. Maintaining a clean manufacturing plant will help you save money on repairs and replacements.

Impressions favorable

A filthy warehouse is challenging for your employees to work in, and it also gives clients and other visitors a negative image. A well-kept and welcoming warehouse, on the other hand, offers a fantastic first impression. It communicates to customers that your company values its products, has a strong work ethic, and pays attention to the aspects that make a business successful.

What Can Exclusive Cleaning Services Do For You?

When you choose us for your manufacturing cleaning services, Orlando customers can select from a wide variety of building maintenance and cleaning services to meet your ever-changing needs. We are flexible and customize our services to you.

  • Dusting and disinfecting of general areas, offices, from the classroom to the board room
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms, cubicles, kitchens, elevators, and escalators
  • Window washing and daily cleaning of glass doors
  • Cleaning and polishing chrome fixtures, and chrome surfaces
  • Commercial Carpet cleaning (Green, Clean, & Dry), Cubicle wall cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning
  • Auto Scrubbing, Stripping, Finishing, and Buffing of Floors
  • Vacuuming, Sweeping, Mopping, and removing shoe scuff marks
  • Pressure Washing sidewalks, parking lots, and even gas stations
  • Maintenance and cleaning services to meet your ever-changing needs. We are flexible and customize our services to you.